Portrait Commissions. 

A Commissioned portrait is a unique piece of art that will remain for many generations to come. It is an organic and authentic way of capturing a moment, and achieves another dimension that photography cannot. As well as a personal piece of artwork, it becomes a piece of history, reinventing the raw human essence in time. 


I love working on Portrait Commissions. I like the process and outcome to be a mutual endeavor between myself and the client, achieving a piece of work that will remain unique and special to both parties. 

I work from both life and photograph. 


So, where do we begin? 

- First Meeting: First we would meet over a coffee to discuss what kind of portrait painting you are looking for. Here are some things to think about prior to the meeting... 

Medium: A portrait painting in Oil brings results of the highest quality and elegance, and will last indefinitely when looked after properly. A charcoal drawing on paper has  quicker turn around and will only be monochromatic, however it has a sense of raw spontaneity and vulnerability to produce a soft and precious portrait. 

Time Frame: Please allow at least 4-6 months for the completion and the delivery of a fully finished oil painting. Oil takes time to dry for a final coat of varnish, and the process is a patient one in order to achieve the results of the highest quality. 

Sittings: It's good to have a rough idea of your availability on sitting for the painting if you are wanting a painting from life. I usually require 3 hour sessions on at least 5 occasions. This will become flexible as the painting progresses. I will begin with preliminary sketches and take some photographs before working on the final piece.  

If you would like to discuss your painting with me, please email lukethompsonart@gmail.com or call me on 07850050315. 


"Spoke to Luke at the start of the year about doing a portrait for me and the family of my dad and his dog Aslan.

Talked me through the process (I had a good high-res image) and explained the breakdown on costs and his time etc.....

The end product is just unreal, and the whole journey from an initial sketch to finish painting was amazing.

I even got Luke to come and help pick the frame. Can’t recommend enough and wish him all the best making a business out of something he clearly loves." - Gareth Jones