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"I loved the portrait course, especially seeing my progression from start to finish, which Luke was always keen to remind us of.


The teaching was at just the right level for beginners. There were just a couple of moments when it got overly technical, however, Luke was quick to pick up on our questions and bring it back down to a more basic amateur level.


Luke created a relaxed and fun atmosphere we felt comfortable in and was always open to questions and feedback as we went along. He made sure we were all allotted our fair share of his time. He was always encouraging and his verbal feedback, constructive criticism and additional thoughts by email were hugely helpful. I particularly gained from his encouragement to go with my own style.


The course felt like good value for money, not only from the personal progression point of view, but also the supply of materials, length of session, venue and sitters. We had a great variety and contrast of models, the only drawback being one or two’s lack of experience at sitting still for so long.


All in all, I’d happily recommend Luke as a tutor and would encourage anyone wanting to take up portraiture to attend his classes.” Lesley McLean

"The course has been excellent.  Very instructive ad very challenging and I have enjoyed every minute.  I had become very demotivated and not really settling to much art work and this has really focused me and given me a new impetus.


An excellent and very committed tutor as well as a very charming young man and all his friends/sitters have been really nice people so Monday nights have been a real pleasure even if totally exhausting!!!" Dianne Ibbertson

"A very interesting and style changing course. (Luke) managed what other teachers couldn't i.e make me paint with a larger brush, (use of acrylic) without water, no underdrawing and a bold use of colour. Even my husband was impressed!" Denise Stead

By Denise Stead
By Lesley Mclean

"I LOVED the portrait course. (Luke has) a lovely way of guiding without being critical and teaching without being bossy or superior. And in my experience that's very rare!


I didn't think that moving onto paint would be for me, as I'd only ever pencil drawn faces before that, but I was surprised how much I enjoyed it and more importantly, felt almost confident too." Richard Hollick


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